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Who are we?

Films on Art Network is a worldwide network for professionals working in festivals of films on art. 

Currently, the network is composed of 12 founding members from countries in North America, South America, and Europe, and its purpose is to enable exchanges of knowledge and practices. It is actively involved in creating deeper connections between art and film, and in the production and circulation of films on art.

Our mission

Films on Art Network falls within an artistic dynamic of innovation and collaboration in the field of art and experimental films. It provides experts in the field with a space for discussing their experiences and good practices.

This initiative makes it possible to broaden networks of contacts and develop shared strategies for reflection and audience development.


  • Expertise to support the organization of festivals of art and experimental films

  • A shared database


  • Calls for films, publications, productions, and events within the network

  • Films on art programmed in partner festivals

  • Getting filmmakers, production houses, and distributors together


  • Encounters among filmmakers, production houses, distributors, and other industry professionals

  • Workshops, debates, and research on the issues in the industry

This dynamic is conveyed through an international presence. 

ARCA International Festival of Films on Arts
Manantiales - Uruguay
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ARCA explores and promotes the relationship between film and art. Stimulating the production and distribution of a wide spectrum of films – fiction, documentary, and animation –ARCA is a competition festival that takes place every January at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Atchugarry in Punta del Este, Manantiales, Uruguay. The ARCA Prize, a magnificent sculpture by the artist Pablo Atchugarry with an estimated value of €60,000, is awarded every year to the best film in the competition. With its program of new and impressive films, ARCA wishes to expand audiences’ awareness and knowledge of art and artists through film – and at the same time to celebrate the multicultural diversity that defines our times.

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BAFF, Beirut Art Film Festival
Beirut - Lebanon

The first edition of the Beirut Art Film Festival took place in November 2015. Since then, and despite all the tragedy that Lebanon has seen, the festival perseveres, continuing to offer a varied selection of films on art (documentaries, art films, and fiction) from all over the world, as well as lectures, roundtables, and performances. In universities, cultural centres, schools, and online, the festival reaches out to its audiences of all ages, in all regions, to celebrate artistic and cinematographic creativity, defying the authorities who want to destroy the country’s culture, economy, and society. Because, as Gilles Deleuze has said, “Art is what resists: it resists death, slavery, infamy, shame,” BAFF will remain a cultural platform committed to the preservation of freedom, dignity, and tolerance.

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BAFF, Brussels Art Film Festival
Brussels, Belgium
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Every year, the Brussels Art Film Festival (BAFF) highlights documentaries on art creation in the broadest sense (painting, music, literature, sculpture, architecture, film) in collaboration with the Institut Supérieur pour l’Etude du Langage Plastique.

Every November, BAFF organizes an event that features the latest documentaries on art from all over the world, as well as a competition for films from Belgium, where more than 100 films on art are produced every year. An international jury awards three prizes with a total value of €4,500. BAFF also encourages creativity by offering a writing grant of €2,500 to filmmakers under 30. Hosted by the most prestigious movie theatres in Brussels (Bozar, CINEMATEK), BAFF also has screenings for audiences in regional cities in Flanders and Wallonia.

DART Festival
Santiago - Chile
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Dart is an international festival in Spain and Latin America leading the way in programming documentary films on contemporary art since 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, and since 2020 in Santiago, Chile. 

The Dart Chile festival focuses on distribution of documentaries on art and creative processes, selecting the best in international film and concentrating on preserving the audiovisual works of Latin American artists.

Since 2022, its website,, has provided a platform specializing in art content for all of South America.

DART Festival
Barcelona - Spain
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Dart Barcelona is the first Spanish international film festival focused specifically on contemporary visual arts. Founded in 2017, the festival takes place in Barcelona’s movie theatres, museums and cultural centres. Dart’s program delves deep into the biographies and creations of artists who are essential for an understanding of local, national, and international art of our times. The festival program focuses on documentaries and on educational and informative activities involving contemporary art, targeting audiences interested in visual arts, photography, architecture, design, and fashion.

EPOS Festival
Tel Aviv - Israel
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EPOS, the international festival of films about art and culture, takes place every year in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. It is the first of its kind in Israel. Since it was created, in 2009, the festival has become a unique venue dedicated exclusively to presenting culture and art films to Israeli audiences. 

The festival is for amateurs and professionals in the art field, filmmakers, and culture lovers. EPOS also encourages the production of films devoted to arts and artists in Israel. Aside from screening films, it contributes to exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and organizes music shows, competitions, and encounters with artists and filmmakers.

The program includes about 50 international and Israeli documentaries, feature-length films, and experimental films, most being screened for the first time in Israel. In addition to screenings in Tel Aviv, some of the festival’s films travel to theatres and cultural centres around the country. 

Festival International du Film sur l'Art
Montreal - Canada
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The International Festival of Films on Art (Le FIFA) is dedicated to the international promotion and distribution of films on art and media arts. For four decades, it has presented an event every March that brings audiences the latest documentaries on art, as well as a selection of interactive and virtual reality works. With programming and different activities all through the year, Le FIFA is committed to increasing the knowledge and appreciation of art among the public, promoting the work of artists in the fields of film, video, and visual arts, and encouraging the production and distribution of films on art. In 2021, Le FIFA launched ARTS.FILM, a virtual art centre that makes films on art available across Canada, anytime, all year.

Mexico City - Mexique
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Fotogenia is the first international festival of films on poetry and alternative narratives in Mexico. The festival celebrates poems, video art, and avant-garde and experimental films, as well as all forms that explore the frontiers and outer edges of film. Fotogenia takes place in various Mexico City districts in order to offer audiences original experiences of images through screenings, lectures, performances, and workshops. The festival is open to all audiovisual creators who don’t fit within traditional film festivals and wish to have an innovative and critical dialogue with the public.

Florence - Italie
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Lo schermo dell'arte

Lo schermo dell’arte is an international project for exploring and promoting relations between film and contemporary art through a festival, training programs, exhibitions, artist residencies, and production, distribution, and education programs. 

Initiated in Florence in 2008, the project collaborates with contemporary art centres, institutions, museums, academies, and universities in Italy and abroad. In recent years, more than 300 artists, directors, producers, and curators and more than 50 institutions from around the world have collaborated, confirming the project’s international role in uncovering new talents and deeper exploration of new expressive languages.

Film and Architecture
Prague - Czech Republic
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The Czech Film and Architecture Festival takes place as part of the national Day of Architecture festival, which celebrates World Architecture Day in October of each year. It is organized by Kruh, an NGO. Although the festival is based in Prague, it takes place throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia (with satellite events in Berlin and in other Czech communities in Europe) The festival took place for the first time in 2002. Despite a few interruptions over the years, it became an independent platform in 2015. Screening documentaries, experimental films, and features, the festival aims to promote contemporary architectural approaches to the general public and to present architecture as an important apart of daily life that must be appreciated and valued. Each year, the festival presents more than 20 films from all over the world, complemented by a rich parallel program of filmmaker roundtables and art performances. A major part of the activities of Architecture Day consists of production of thematic short films by young Czech filmmakers.

Journées Internationales du Film sur l'Art
Paris - France

Every January since 2007, in the auditorium of the Louvre, Les Journées Internationales du Film sur l’Art has explored the unique connections between film and other arts. Each edition offers a rendez-vous with an artist or a filmmaker, to delve into his or her connections and relationship with the arts through screenings, encounters, a master class, an installation, a performance; a selection of recent films around specific themes, with a discussion between the filmmaker and the audience after the screening; homages to departed figures; and retrospectives that provoke questions about the evolution of the filmic gaze on pre-existing or contemporary art practices and reconstruct a history of the “film about art,” a genre unto itself.

Painting with Light : Festival of International Films on Art
Singapore - Singapore

Painting with Light: Festival of International Films on Art is a signature programme presented by National Gallery Singapore, a visual arts institution which oversees the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian modern art. In line with the Gallery’s aims to create dialogues between the art of Singapore, Southeast Asia and the world, Painting with Light features moving image programming that speaks to the art in ongoing exhibitions drawn from private, national and international collections, and explores artistic practices and moments in art history that continue to resonate in the present. With a focus on artmaking in Southeast Asia, the festival encourages the production and exhibition of moving image works from this region, regularly premiering films commissioned and restored by the Gallery.

Painting with Light returned for its 5th edition in 2022 with over 55 titles, and continues as a biennial festival that takes place in July, with a wide range of offerings that includes post-screening dialogues, talks, performances, and curator tours.

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